Our mission is simple:

With every purchase you make, Paper City Coffee will fund the mentoring of local teens.


Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are Nate, Megan, Anna, and Jordan. We set out on this journey because we are passionate about making an impact in our hometown. Anna and Megan have stepped away from their teaching jobs in order to reach a population of teens who are currently unaware of their potential and worth. We believe they deserve to have futures written with hope, and we started Paper City Coffee to make sure that happens. We cannot wait to gather with you at our shop. We hope you'll be a part of the Paper City Coffee family.


The Paper City Mentoring Project is based on the belief that one caring, supportive, and committed adult can help rewrite the story of a teenager facing adversity. Holistic, consistent support from a mentor can help change a teenager defined by a broken home, addiction, poverty, and tragedy into having an identity of worthiness and hope, breaking generational cycles.

Here are the Facts*:

1 in 3  young people will grow up without a supportive, caring adult to guide them in everyday and big life decisions.

At-risk youth who have a mentor are:

more likely to enroll in college.


more likely to volunteer regularly.

more likely to become a mentor.


more likely to hold a position of leadership.

*According to mentoring.org

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