Paper City Coffee is a social good company committed to funding the mentoring of local teens and being a positive space in our community. We serve excellent coffee and food in an inspiring and warm environment and we engage authentically and with kindness to all people we have the pleasure of serving.


The proceeds from Paper City Coffee are donated to the Paper City Mentoring Project, a non-profit mentoring program for high school students. PCMP trains and equips mentors and matches them with teenagers who want a mentor. Research shows that one caring, supportive, and committed adult can help rewrite the story of a teenager facing adversity. Holistic, consistent support from a mentor can help change a teenager defined by a broken home, addiction, poverty, and tragedy into having an identity of worthiness and hope, breaking generational cycles. You’ll often see this mentoring happen at Paper City Coffee throughout the week.

Here are the Facts*:

1 in 3  young people will grow up without a supportive, caring adult to guide them in everyday and big life decisions.

At-risk youth who have a mentor are:

more likely to enroll in college.


more likely to volunteer regularly.

more likely to become a mentor.


more likely to hold a position of leadership.

*According to mentoring.org

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